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Blog - Alaska Unveiled

How to Pack for an Alaskan Cruise

An Alaskan cruise is one of the most exciting journeys you can make. The Inside Passage is an especially popular destination thanks to its stunning scenery and abundant wildlife. Juneau is a main port of call which means a cruise in this region brings the chance to an enjoy exciting and luxurious private excursions with…

Private Tours vs. Group Tours: Which is Best for Your Juneau Trip?

When planning your trip to Juneau, you’ll want to include at least a tour or two whether you’re visiting by cruise ship or independently. Tours led by locals are a great way to get local insight, but there are some pretty significant differences between private tours vs. group tours in Juneau. We don’t necessarily like…

Guide to Wildlife in Juneau: What Will You See?

Tucked between soaring mountain peaks and the Gastineau Channel, the Alaskan capital is home to a wide range of animals on land and in the water. The wildlife in Juneau is what draw many to this town, with the chance to see everything from humpback, orcas, and sea lions to black bears and bald eagles….

Experience Juneau, The Most Beautiful Capital City

Juneau, the most beautiful capital city, as often ranked on lists of the most spectacular destinations, is hard to beat when it comes to incredible scenery. It’s even outranked tropical Honolulu. Overlooking the Inside Passage, the downtown area is nestled between the Gastineau Chanel, Mount Robers and Mount Juneau. Its maze of narrow streets are…

Humpback Migration: From Tropical Waters to Alaska

Humpback whales live and migrate throughout all of the oceans on our planet, traveling great distances every year. The humpback migration is one of the longest of any mammal in the world, with some populations swimming as much as 5,000 miles. They travel to and from warm, tropical breeding grounds and productive, colder feeding grounds….

Whale Watching in Juneau: Will We See Orcas?

Watching orcas in Juneau, Alaska One of the top things to do when visiting Juneau is to take a whale watching tour. As one of the world’s best places for the activity, some 600 humpbacks inhabit the waters of the northern Inside Passage. But many of our guests ask, “Will we see orcas?” There are…